Village at Valley View SymbolPhilosophy

Our philosophical approach focuses on three aspects of wholeness: home, health and life enrichment.

Dementia Care home, health and life enrichment


A warm, homelike environment surrounds the residents, where they find safety, comfort and stimulation in the daily activities of the community. The Village’s programs are designed to enrich the quality of life for all of our residents, and invites each to participate according to their capacity and interest. The focus is on personal care with an emphasis on nurturing residents’ dignity and individual choice.

Alzheimers care Dementia Care homelike environment


All services provided are based on the individual needs of each resident as outlined in their detailed and personalized care plan. Families are encouraged to participate in developing the care plan for their loved one. For the health and well-being of all the residents, special rooms are available for medical examination, consultation, massage, and hair & nail services. Mealtime is an important part of daily activity geared towards the wellness of our residents. The meals are planned by our dietitian and prepared by our chef to provide delicious, healthy and balanced diets. When possible, organic and locally grown food is preferred. Our caretakers typically join with the residents for meals in the dining room, and family members are always welcome to dine with their loved one. In addition to quality dining experiences, food is provided throughout the day. The aroma of cookies or bread baking in the kitchen is an enticement for residents who often don’t think about eating.

Life Enrichment

Residents experience new activities, make new friends, and find new successes every day. Many delight in life and in maintaining their abilities as much as possible. Each day is filled with meaningful indoor and outdoor activities and engaging programs specifically designed for those dealing with memory loss. This provides each resident with the opportunity to do what they love. Art, music and gardening both stimulate and calm the mind, as well as give meaning to the day. Participating in activities also helps encourage residents to socialize as much as possible. Socializing has been shown to be an important factor in maintaining as much memory function as possible, which is why TV watching is preferred in the common area.