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“Every soul is beautiful and precious; and worthy of dignity and respect, and deserving of peace, joy and love.” - Bryant McGill

heartfelt dementia care

Professional Care

The professional team at the Village, comprised of registered nurses and care partners, has an extraordinary commitment to individualized, 24-hour heartfelt care. Since the Village is exclusively dedicated to those with memory loss, our well-trained, experienced personnel are continually involved in new training programs designed to help them provide the latest state-of-the-art knowledge in caring for people dealing with memory loss. Our care partners do not have offices. They spend 100% of their time interacting with our residents. They assist with daily medication, grooming and dressing, arranging medical appointments, personal hygiene, mealtime assistance, and a wide variety of other personal care, life-enrichment, and health-related services.

What are Care Partners?

The Care Partners are members of our care team. You may be more familiar with the term ‘caregiver.’   While our Care Partners do, indeed, provide caregiving, they are also encouraged to listen to resident stories, to sit with an elder when they need a hand to hold, or to participate in life enrichment activities alongside the person.  It is important that we as human beings be allowed to both give and receive care. Therefore, the caregiving role is not one-way. Our Care Partners want to learn and grow from the life experience of the elders, and  they recognize that each person they care for has much to give them to fill them up, and bring them joy.

Tamlyn Lynch
Dining Services Director

Tamlynn started cooking professionally in the Rogue Valley 15 years ago. She moved to Portland, OR in 2013 to attend Le Cordon Bleu, earning herself an associate of occupational studies degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She has a certificate for Culinary Arts and a certificate in baking and patisserie.